Our Library of Sales Aids

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Sales Objections Over-Ruled!
Over 200 pages of objection handling techniques. Ideal for any business, this book covers goal-setting, question-asking methods and is filled with exercises. Available on CD format read by the author. 10 1/2hrs playing time.
Easy-Sell for F&I
The most comprehensive F&I presentation and sales tool available in North America. Complete with printed, recorded and visual in-house training tools as well as a powerful multilingual presentation program which will get your clients buying!
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F&I Encyclopedia Series
Over 400 pages of F&I techniques... from the basics of office set-up to advanced objection-handling and closing word-tracks. UPDATED in 2010 with new closes and ways to increase sales! Now FOUR volumes!
Ready-Made Meetings
Sales managers need never plan a sales meeting again. This program contains 52 pre-recorded audio meetings. Each is accompanied with facilitator notes and a quiz to test retention. Timely and relevant topics guarantee debates and a motivating meeting.
Easy-Sell Power-Tools
Master the F&I Office in the comfort of yours! Easy-Sell Power Tools allows you to learn at your own speed. These audio/visual presentations will share ways to master payment quotations, menu-sell, cash-convert, and overcome the 'Line of Credit' and "I want to use my bank" objections. Further more you'll never be at a loss for words again! Click & Close will provide you with on-screen closing word-tracks designed to overcome many of the often heard objections. When confronted with an objection... just Click... & Close!  
The Virtual (F&I) Business Office
Another 'first', we have made it possible for you to present your products on-line to your clients at home (or at work). Armed with a phone and computer you audio/visual presentation of each of your products will make selling easier than ever before. Whether you wish to Cash Convert or sell your vehicle protection programs, the (VBO) Virtual Business Office will bring your office to them. (All products supported.)
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In-person, in print... on-line and recordings

Products and Services

Books, Audio and Video Sales Enhancement Products
We create and perform seminars for all sales related businesses. Each will be custom-made to fit your specific needs. Examples of previous performances have included medical and dental, shipping and transportation, automotive, hospitality, financial, insurance, beverage, lending institutions, printers, publishers, advertising, legal offices, and many more. If you sell a product or service, we will share ways for you to locate new clients present professionally, overcome challenges and close faster. No 'cute tricks'; just skill. It's as simple as that.
Conferences are an integral part of a sales-based organization's business plan. These gatherings can be costly to say the least. Apart from the venue, food and entertainment, your speakers will make or break the event. We understand what you're trying to achieve and absolutely guarantee your satisfaction. Our sales-enhancement program will please... or you don't pay.
Seminars in-person 
Keynote Speaking
Webinars on-line 
We create and produce effective sales training aids in all formats. Audio, video and book versions are available. If you are seeking to increase sales, please scroll down to view our products.
Personal Coaching