Style by Jury

About the Show

Style by Jury is a makeover series that focuses on making the best first impression possible. Over the course of seven days, our makeover candidates get transformed from the inside out.

With the help of our experts in the field of cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic dentistry, image, fashion, hair and make-up, we show how you can look 10 years younger and get that “wow” factor.

Harvey Cohen is the featured Sales and Business Coach on this hit TV show. Should a makeover candidate be 'in business', Harvey's function is to provide a 'mental makeover' of sorts... by providing business coaching on the spot.
Photos appear below and should you wish, please click on the links below to watch some clips from the show. 
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As seen on international flights throughout early 2009. 
(Please note the seat-back TV screen as found in Air Canada flights)
As seen on the W Network throughout Canada. Also featured is Style by Jury host, Bruce Turner and various makeover candidates.
Please check local listings for times and channel in your area.