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Personal Coaching
Is competition fierce?
Are prospective clients saying NO?
Are others asking you to cut your pricing drastically... to a ridiculous low?
Do you present your products / services... but lose the sale?
What if you could do something about it?
What if you could turn a NO into a YES?
Learn how to sell with confidence, integrity and professionalism quickly and easily.
Harvey Cohen is an internationally renowned sales trainer and coach. He has worked with salepeople from all walks of life sharing effective ways to increase personal sales.
The sales process is broken down into a number of parts. They are:
1) The Introduction
2) The Presentation
3) Managing and Responding to Client Concerns
4) Closing the Sale
5) Creating Long-Term Satisfying Relationships
There is more to it than the simple list appearing above, but imagine if you could master these items; what effect might that have on your overall sales?
Harvey has helped thousands of sales people achieve their personal and corporate goals. He can help you achieve yours.
He is not going to tell you it will happen in a day; that would be misleading. 
It will take some committment on your part. You are going to have to want to succeed. However if you do bring those two elements to the table, he will bring your selling skills to a whole new level.
Learn how to:
Find new prospects to sell to
Identify the client's needs
Master the Art of Question-Selling
Present like a Pro
The Objection-Handling Formula to overcome any objection
Close the Sale
Create client loyalty for on-going business.
You know how to do what you do best.
Let Harvey show you how to sell it to others.
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