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Sales Training
In order to get the most out of yourself and / or your sales team, it's vital all remain focused and tuned up.
Is it safe to assume (especially nowadays) we are being innudated with bad news... stories of failing businesses... slow sales... and all around depression?

Enough is enough! There IS business out there. The pie may have gotten smaller but there is still a pie to eat from.
We have programs to assist all levels of your sales team. The flollowing will show a brief summary:
Sales People
Where to find new business
How to self-motivate
How to master the art of Question-Selling
Turning objections into closes
Closing the sale without pressure
Follow-up for increased business
Creating the Client-in-Law for new business
and more.
Sales Managers
How to hire with skill
How to fire
How to create powerful ads
How to goal-set for maximum performance
How to time-manage
Rescue! How to turn objections into buying opportunities (management level)
How to close without pressure (management level)
Getting your sales people to sow and harvest new business
Service Department
If your business has any kind of service department, they too must learn to sell. This program covers:
How to meet and greet effectively
Improving 'people skills'
Identifying needs
Overcoming concerns and past bad experiences
Upselling for more business
Handling irate clients
Working with all other departments within your organization
Overcoming client objections
Closing sales
Advertising and client location techniques
Follow-up for long-term satisfaction
Administration Department
Does your administration department have anything to do with the sale of your products or services? You bet they do! During our time together we'll encourage you to invite these hard-working folks to join us in order they get on-side with your sales divisions. Who knows... they may have the chance to sell the odd thing now and then!
F&I Programs (A program geared for the Finance & Insurance Industry)
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There are more topics for each category and of course we are glad to custom-make the sessions to include topics you may find necessary to cover.