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March 23-24


 Langley BC

 2 Day

March 25

F&I Advanced

 Langley BC

 1 Day

April 2010



 1 Day

Some topics we'll cover include:

   Perfecting Turn-Overs

q Ways to get sales people to want to turn their customers over to you.

   Shopper Stopper Technique

q This section will: a) Stop the shopper from shopping, b) Stop sales people from quoting unauthorized payments, and  c) Get the shopper to buy the vehicle faster.

   Professional Presentations

q We will share the most effective ways of getting prospects to agree to payments you want them to agree to... and of course they will be fully protected.

  Cash and Lease Conversions

q Using your computer, you'll be able to switch the cash buyer into a finance (or lease) buyer quickly and effectively…

  Lines of Credit

q If you have prospects wanting to use their Lines of Credit, we’ll share ways to get them to change their minds.

  Identifying Buying Signs

q Thanks to the use of a hidden camera, we were able to capture a real buyer trying to buy from real sales people. Here you'll finally see and hear what buying signs are and how to use them to your advantage.

 Stop Leaving $ on the Table (Parts 1-4)

q Four powerful ways to increase previously lost profits.

  Speed-Selling (Part 1)

q Enhanced selling methods to speed up the entire selling process.

   Beating the Competition

q.We’ll share ways to get your competitors’ products to help sell yours.

  The 15 Second Close

q How to perform a complete sales product presentation in 15 seconds with 100% disclosure.

 The Lease

q How to effectively sell add-on products on leases.

   Increasing “Warranty” sales

q.Great presentation techniques to instantly increase Service Agreement sales.    

   Insurance Sales

q Effective ways of increasingA&H,  Critical Illness, Credit Life and LOE sales.

  Tackling the Quarterback

q Ever hear someone say "S/he doesn't need this?" This section covers ways of getting the customer's advisor to sell for you (even Dad).

  Avoiding Turn-Downs

q Great ways of negotiating with lenders and getting them to approve tough deals.

  Objections Over-Ruled!

q Over 30 often-heard objections are covered in detail: e.g. "I never get sick, It costs too much, I have to talk to my spouse / accountant first",  I’m covered at work , I don’t need it, etc.

  Closing, Closing, Closing!

q If you don't get Yes's from your prospects, then you're getting No's. We'll share powerful effective ways of turning No into Yes... fast!

  Lost Sale Closes

q Five of the strongest (not hard sell) techniques to get the prospect to buy even if we were previously unsuccessful.

  Competitive Edge Marketing

q Want to sell higher rates? Want to prevent people from dealing with their own banks? This section guarantees results!

  Menu Selling / EASY-SELL

q..Menu Selling has been around for decades. If used properly, it can increase your overall penetration and profitability exponentially. This part of the program will share ways to actually make it better.

An audio message from Harvey Cohen


(Close-Type Classification in Brackets)


Lines Of Credit Close (Cash Conversion)

Parking Meter Close Part 1 (Insurance Products)

Parking Meter Close Part 2 (Insurance Products)

Gourmet Popcorn Close (Price Close)

This way, that way Close (Power Close)

Food for Thought Close (Insurance Close)

OPM Close (Cash Conversion)

Loose Change Close (Warranty / Ins Close)

Coffee Close (No… not the “Cup a Day” Close!)

Gourmet Coffee Close (Price Close)

Professionals Close (Confidence Close)

You Don’t Trust Me Close (Confidence Close)

Movie Close (Price Close)

Spare Tire Close (Insurance Close)

Pay Phone Close (Price Close)

Parachute Close (Insurance Close)

Mom and Dad Close (Insurance Close)

Take Responsibility Close (Part 1)

Take Responsibility Close (Part 2)

The Good News, Bad News Close (Ins.)

The Soda Pop Close (Price Close)

The Fitness Club Close (Price Close)

Cell Phone Close (Price Close)

Catch You if You Fall Close (Insurance Close)

If there is something you wish to cover that is not listed below, please feel free to let us know. We'll do what we can to accomodate your request.
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