The Virtual (F&I) Business Office
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Have you ever had to sell something to someone over the phone?
Assuming you have also sold your products face to face as well, it bears asking this question:

Which method earns better results?
Chances are you feel a face-to-face presentation nets greater sales and odds are one of the major reasons for this is the increased interaction.
Another great reason would be that when you are with your prospect you can control what s/he can see and/or hear, also true?
What if you could accomplish the same things even if you were in your office... but your prospect was at home or in their own office; would that be something you could use?
The Virtual Business Office can do all this. Another 'first' from our company we have made it possible to bring your computer into your client's home or workplace making your phone presentation more effective than ever before.
Here's a sample... 
Using this program, you may just be able to convince your phone clients to finance with you rather than with their own bank.
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Available Programs include:
Forced Savings Plan (Cash Conversion)
Overcoming the Line of Credit Objection Tool
Bank vs In-house Financing Tool
On-Screen Presentations for:
Protection Package (Vehicle Beautification Program)
New and Used Service Agreements
Credit Insurance Presentations:
Loss of Life
Critical illness
Accident and Health
Involuntary Lay-Off