Powertools for F&I
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If you have ever had someone tell you they wish to pay cash rather than finance, this tool will help overcome the problem in minutes. Created to be interactive with your customer, the presentation will show your client the financial advantages of financing even if your rate is higher than their (rates) returns on investments.

Chances are you’ve heard clients tell you they would prefer to use their Line of Credit rather than your financing program. Our Line of Credit Tool© will take them through a mathematical presentation designed to make them see the errors of their ways!

Have you ever heard a client tell you they wanted to use their bank instead of your financing program? This powerful on-screen tool will change their minds… yes, once again in just minutes.
No Surprises Selling: This on-screen program will provide you with the most effective F&I sales presentation available. Explaining the negatives of Step-Selling, then incorporating Menu-Selling and Conventional Selling techniques, EASY-SELL© will increase sales for all F&I products and services faster than any other system in use today.
(I have been teaching this technique for over 25 years and can tell you beyond a doubt that you will convert cash buyers to finance buyers if you learn and use these techniques!)
Our On-Screen Brochures© have been designed to highlight your mainstay products, providing bullet points and closing techniques for A&H, LOE, & Life and Critical Illness protection. These On-Screen Brochures marry perfectly with our LANGUAGES© DVD presentation programs.
On-Screen Brochures© Part 2: This presentation will provide a powerful visual to assist in the sale of your vehicle beauty protection© items. Once again this marries perfectly with our LANGUAGES© DVD program.
Every sales presentation will create objections. Interestingly, I encourage them in order to create a sale. The No-Surprises Selling technique will bring up 6 objections. If you're prepared, they will be quick and easy to overcome. This program will cover each of them and provide detailed responses designed to increase your F&I sales exponentially.
After having spent almost thirty years training F&I Managers throughout North America I can safely say the act of Turning-Over (the Hand-Off) the customer to the F&I office has gotten better! However there are still many dealerships requiring some assistance in regards to training their sales teams how to perform this key marketing strategy effectively and professionally. This in-house training program will teach new sales people the importance of the F&I Office and how to do the Hand-Off properly. This marries well with our Perfecting Turn-Overs DVD presentation.
Click & Close©: Have you ever been in a situation where you were presenting a product to a client... but didn't have the right words to close the sale? What if you could (with the click of a mouse) have those words pop up on your screen. Could that assist in making a sale? I have provided answers for many of the often-heard objections. Click on the required icon and multiple responses will appear!
Regardless of the business you're in, it's always advantageous to have some tools to assist. 'Powertools for F&I' ©has been designed to provide assistance to areas identified as challenging by hundreds of professionals.
Although the image on the right doesn't correctly depict a 'powertool', it should when it comes to closing the sale, illustrate the importance of having the perfect tool at the perfect time.  
The products and programs listed below can be there when needed most.
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