Easy-Sell for the F&I Office
Easy-Sell presents the majority of your mainstay F&I products and services in a tasteful yet effective manner.
We have included shortened versions of each episode for your convenience.
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1)    GPS
2)    Full Protection
3)    Fabric Guard
4)    Paint Guard
5)    Rust Guard
6)   Cushion Guard
7)    Leather / Vinyl Guard
8)    New Car Service Agreements
9)    Used Car Service Agreements
10)   Life, A&H and Critical Illness
11 )  A&H Only
12)  Gap Insurance
13)  Rust Module
14)  Gap Insurance FRENCH
15)  Rust Module FRENCH
16)  Testimonials
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Easy-Sell for the F&I Office.
We are proud to present a first-of-it's kind product to the F&I world. Combined as a unit,    Easy-Sell is an all emcompassing F&I tool.
If you are either a "Menu-Seller" or a "Conventional-Seller", Easy-Sell will assist you to sell more faster than before.   
Individually, this program is made up of two main elements: a client presentation tool for your customers to view and an in-house on-going training program jam-packed with original sales techniques. Here's what's included.
Item 1
The Easy-Sell Book: Packaged in a sturdy 3-ring binder, Easy-Sell the Book contains information on how to use all the included components. Apart from learning how to present using LANGUAGES the F&I presentation DVD, you'll also read page after page of presentation and closing techniques. Approximately 70 pages of powerful F&I marketing techniques. 
Item 2
If you have ever come face to face with someone who doesn't speak your language you already understand the frustration you can feel. What if you could speak words they could understand? Could that it easier to sell some of your products? LANGUAGES provides that comfort.
Languages is a DVD presentation which ilustrates the majority of your mainstay F&I products and services.
What's more... it does so in English, French, Farsi, Mandarin and Cantonese. Play these programs at the right time and you'll find many of your prospects will be saying yes faster than ever before.
Item 2
LANGUAGES for the Showroom and Service Department:
We'll make a shorter version copy to be played in areas where prospects 'hang out'. If used properly, don't be surprised at how many items you'll sell before even meeting the clients!
Items 3-4
Easy-Sell on CD
For those who prefer to listen rather than read, we've recorded much of what the Book contains. Recorded as a wav. file, these CDs can be played on any conventional CD player.
Item 5:
F&I Objections Over-Ruled on DVD
Harvey recorded this presentation a number of years ago but the content is still relevant. Seven often-heard F&I objections are covered in detail with on-screen tutorials. They are: "I can get it cheaper elsewhere, I prefer another brand, It's the last car we'll ever buy, I had it before and never used it, I had it before and it didn't work, My brother's a mechanic and Don't you make good cars .
Item 6
Perfecting Turn-Overs on DVD
Another DVD presentation recorded years ago. Some have asked us why we haven't updated it. The answer is simple. Turnovers haven't changed... and this video is designed to prove it. Isn't it about time we ended the problem by making streamlining things in regards to this important hand-off function? This DVD is perfect for sales meetings.
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