Sales Objections Over-Ruled! Answers to virtually any objection you've ever heard or ever will hear.
Sales Objections Over-Ruled
This book contains over 200 pages of sales enhancing techniques. From goal-setting to mastering the art of 'question-selling'. From ways to find new clients to ways to overcome objection after objection.
Although certain businesses are identified, this book will provide answers to almost 100 often-heard objections. Change a word here and there and the techniques will work for you. Available on 11 CDs, unabridged and read by the author. (   Track available below. Allow Active X to access.)

General Category


It costs too much!

I can get it cheaper elsewhere!

Iím just looking!

Give me your best price then Iím going to shop around!

Iím not ready to buy right now!

I have to talk to my spouse first!

I need to speak with my accountant!

Iím waiting for some money to be freed up!

I only just started looking!

I never buy at the first place I look!

Thanks... but Iíll call you over if I need you!

I only came in here to see what you sell. I wouldnít buy anything here!

I prefer another brand!

I donít like the colour!

I donít like the size!

I canít afford it!

We have no budget left!

We never budgeted for this!

I would never deal with your company (due to previous or present bad reputation)

Weíre already dealing with someone else!

Your prices are too high!

Iíll think it over!

My (friend, brother, parent, book, newspaper article) advised me not to buy it!

I wanted better quality!


Automotive (Specific)


I prefer a two (four) door / van (etc)

Itís not the right colour

Didnít get enough for my trade!

I want to own the car! (for leasing)

Weíre not ready to buy for another six months!

Iím waiting for new model introduction!

I have to sell my car before I do anything else!

Thatís when my lease expires!        

Thatís when I turn in my company car!

The trunk is too small!

Thereís no headroom!

Not the right floor plan (RVís)!


Financial Programs (Specific)


Iíll let my kids look after themselves! (for RESP Marketers)

I prefer to invest in Mutual Funds! (for RESP Marketers)

My kids will go into the family business! (for RESP Marketers)

My friend sells these plans! (for RESP Marketers)

I heard I lose this money if my kids donít go to school! (for RESP Marketers)

We can handle our investments ourselves! (Mutual Funds, etc.)

How do I know youíre any good?

You people arenít big enough to handle my account!

I canít afford it right now!

The amount we can put away is too small to make a difference!

My parents will leave me money!




Insurance (Specific)


I donít believe in insurance!

It will never happen to me!

I (we) already have enough insurance!

Weíre covered at work!

Weíre the most over-insured people on the planet!

I had it before and I never used it!

Iíll take my chances!

I can take care of myself if something happens!

I canít afford it!

I have no dependants, so never mind! Ö or  ďIf I die... I die!Ē

Some expert told me not to buy it!

When you need it, they never pay off anyway!

G-d will protect me!


Furniture (Specific)


I have to go home and measure!

I have to go home and check colour schemes!

I was hoping for a harder / softer mattress!

I wanted a waterbed!

I hear that (another manufacturer) is better!

We just need something temporarily!

I wanted something in (whatever material you donít  have)!

Itís too heavy!


Real Estate (Specific)


I donít like the location!

Iím not ready to list yet!

I have a (relative / friend) who sell real estate!

I donít like the (carpeting / drapes, etc)!

I canít list yet. I have to see two other realtors first!

Your listing price is too low!

How do I know you wonít list it and disappear?

Will you negotiate?


Extended Warranty Programs (Specific)


Donít you make good (whatever your product is)? Why sell a warranty if itís so good?

Maybe Iíll buy someone elseís product if you really think I need a warranty!

Iíll just replace it if it breaks!

These warranty companies all go out of business!

They never cover what breaks!

Itís not worth it!

You guys are just like car dealers!

What if I donít use it!

I had it before and I didnít use it!

Iíll take my chances!

I never needed it last time!

The warranty on it is long enough!

Iíll buy it if you throw the warranty in!

My brotherís a mechanic!

Objections  Covered