Client Attraction Program
In order for business to succeed it needs clients to sell to.
The Client Attraction Program is designed to do just that. It accomplishes the feat in four ways.
It will:
1) attract and motivate your hidden customers to buy.
2) motivate and educate your staff to sell more.
3) attract and motivate past clients to return and buy.
4) attract new prospects to your place of business... providing you with the chance to increase sales. 
The Goal
The Goal
The Method
In order to get others to act they must receive the proper stimulation to do so. Furthermore those delivering these messages must be respected by the audience they will be addressing and qualified to share the information. Our team is as good as it gets! 
Harvey Cohen is an internationally renowned speaker, author  and television personality. Click here to learn more. Harvey will share powerful messages with everyone in attendance to realize the importance of growth and expansion during difficult times. As a result you will sell more.
Deborah Reynolds is an internationally renowned speaker and author. Her latest work is a best seller... 'Living in Clarity'. Debbie will share ways for one and all to see above the clouds and realize their full potential. Click here to learn more about Debbie's services.
Margaret Segal, best known as 'My Daughter the President"* was indeed 'the President' of her own tremedously successful retail outlet. Built from a dream, a whim and a prayer, Margaret transformed an idea into a mega operation. Margaret's message for one all all is: 'Scared is not an option'. Those in attendance will hear how to turn a recessionary period into a profitable one.  
The Format
This program is simple in concept but will take some organization. In order to do it justice and of course to assure your complete understanding of how things will work, we invite you to contact us for a no-obligation... no pressure conversation.
We'll go over the plan of action, detail everyone's role's and go over all fees.
The most important part of all this is to get buyers to your doors. This program will accomplish this feat.
For information, please write to us by clicking here or call 1-604-722-7967 and mention the Client Attraction Program.  
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